Self-Discovery Holiday Camp for 5-12 year olds

Yoga & mindfulness
multi-sport and

Self-Discovery Holiday Camp: Yoga & Mindfulness, Multi-sport and Music

Let us spend the day with your child/ren where they will use yoga to explore a topic using stories and themes from strength, perseverance, friendship or overcoming anxiety; yoga and mindfulness work to encourage kindness and positive behaviour towards ourselves, our families and our community.

The story will spark the physical memory of the pose alongside breathing techniques and coping mechanisms and across the week the children will develop the ability to move their body within the yoga flow effectively and with more ease.

Every day they will be introduced to different tools to help them work through various emotions through breathwork and musical movement.

Their emotional intelligence is explored and developed through discussion, art, crafts and games.

The yoga mindfulness activities will be interspersed with multi-sport movement and music to keep them connected and energised the whole day. Sport games and circuits will get them burning their energy and focus on co-ordination and technique, agility and core strength. Then music will be explored through song, we will create beautiful or I should say: interesting music by singing and learning to harmonise together. We will craft a drum or maraca and explore beats, rhythms and timing by jamming together, the children will be invited to explore movement through music and will be introduced to the values of notes and basic musical concepts and how what they can feel naturally is interpreted on paper so others can copy them.

Our holiday camps will be coming soon to Stoke Newington. Please register your interest using the form below. Please include your location and dates. 

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Our musical sessions are brought to you by the amazing Claire Wood; Scottish singer, pianist, songwriter and music teacher. Her gigs have taken her from Glasgow to Dubai, and include a stint on the New York piano bar scene, before landing in London in 2008. A soloist and music teacher Claire also writes EP’s and albums, performs extensively with a variety of ensembles and works as an actor in screen, theatre and voice-over.

Claire’s teaching career spans 17 years from institutions like The Royal Conservatoire and The Dance School of Scotland, to BA Community Arts degree at Strathclyde University to senior teacher and music practitioner with the Newham Music Academy in London working with children from nursery and primary age through to secondary. We are very pleased to have her on board in our holiday camps to deliver such a fun and diverse music programme, building the kids singing and musicality skills – be sure to make the Friday afternoon show-down where parents can come and get a taster of what you’re here and now kid has been up to during the week!