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Here and Now Kid is an holistic approach to developing and nurturing wellness in kids and their parents/guardians. We approach wellness in a multi-faceted way.

The journey starts from our toddler parent Yoga & Mindfulness classes for kids up to 4 years old. Moving through to after school classes and holiday clubs for kids between 5-12. Multi-sport circuits is a versatile workout for parent/guardian alongside one child aged 6-16 years where team work makes the dream work.

Developing strong foundations for lasting health and wellbeing is key. Our classes and holiday clubs develop physical and emotional intelligence and provide tools for dealing with what life throws at us creating robust, centred adults of the future.


About the Founder

Hi! Welcome to my site. I am Raha and my passion is to create fun and invigorating classes for children and their adults. As a qualified fitness and yoga instructor my work as a somatic trainer for adults has seen me use yoga and mindfulness tools in my sessions for years.

I love to train adults, but I kept thinking what if you were given the knowledge and experience to develop your understanding of how your mind and body work together as a child? What a difference it would make as an adult!

That was reinforced when I started home schooling my son during Covid and using yoga and mindfulness to help him emotionally and physically. Giving him an understanding of himself on a deeper level – why he should go to sleep? What’s happening to his body when he feels overwhelmed? And so much more. It had a profound effect on him; one night he called me to say that he could feel the blood flowing through his body and went on to explain the blood circulatory system through his felt experience. Explaining this and other instances to a friend she wanted me to provide this experience for her children and after a term of trialing my classes and developing my technique Here and Now Kid Ltd. Is available to all and based in Stoke Newington, North London.

Our Classes

Afterschool Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Developing Awareness and Wellness emotionally and Physically. Every week we’ll be using yoga to explore a topic using the art of storytelling be it strength, perseverance, friendship or overcoming anxiety to name but a few. 

Self-Discovery Holiday Clubs

Self-Discovery Holiday Camp: Yoga & Mindfulness, Multi-sport, and Music. Let us spend the day with your child/ren where they will use yoga to explore a topic using the art of storytelling.

Parent and Toddler Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

With your baby or babies we will explore movement through story telling. They can interact as much or as little as they are able to all the while increasing your bond together through this gentle connection. 

Parent & Child Multi-Sport Circuits

Come with one child per adult and work together through a variety of sporting practices to get your heart pumping, muscles working and endorphins flowing! 


My 6 year old son absolutely loves the classes with Raha. He is usually shy when it comes to clubs and activities outside of school but with Raha’s sessions he is happy and confident when I leave him.

Every week when he comes home, he likes to show me his cool new yoga poses and he chats about what he and his friends have learned in the session.

Raha has introduced him to being more mindful – taking it in turns to speak and then listening to what the other children have to say – and I am amazed that I have started to see the benefit of this outside of the classes. He is now more able to share how he feels and he can listen without speaking when asked. I have also noticed that he can recall so much more of what other children have said, the way they acted or how they might have been feeling at the time.


Raha has a wonderfully creative approach to teaching the kids, using music and stories and games to introduce the yoga positions and the concepts of mindfulness; and I love it that at the same time as being playful she is really ambitious with what she teaches them, and doesn’t underestimate their ability to take on board different ideas. She uses themes in the classes such as confidence or talking about feelings and supporting others and it’s amazing how she manages to get all of the kids engaged and contributing and calm!

The class is also really well balanced with games and energetic fun stuff, so they can let off steam and she cleverly manages to sneak in ideas that increase awareness of their bodies, like getting them to stop and sense how their body feels after running around. Basically, the sessions are a lot of fun but they also learn, and my six-year-old boy has loved going from day one, and always comes out full of beans. Thanks, Raha!


During the sessions Raha engages the children with her own original stories – told in parts each week – and provides opportunities for creative crafting, meaning my son enjoys the classes for lots of different reasons.

Of course, it’s not all quiet time and like any 6 year old, my son wants to run about and let off steam! Raha understands this – allowing the children to let loose when needed and challenging their bodies with lots of fun physical activities. It really is an excellent, all-round class!