Raha has a wonderfully creative approach to teaching the kids, using music and stories and games to introduce the yoga positions and the concepts of mindfulness; and I love it that at the same time as being playful she is really ambitious with what she teaches them, and doesn’t underestimate their ability to take on board different ideas. She uses themes in the classes such as confidence or talking about feelings and supporting others and it’s amazing how she manages to get all of the kids engaged and contributing and calm!

The class is also really well balanced with games and energetic fun stuff, so they can let off steam and she cleverly manages to sneak in ideas that increase awareness of their bodies, like getting them to stop and sense how their body feels after running around. Basically, the sessions are a lot of fun but they also learn, and my six-year-old boy has loved going from day one, and always comes out full of beans. Thanks, Raha!